– Cuore di bue tomatoes (little ripe and firm)

– Onion (about ¼)

– Red and yellow peppers (three slices)

– Cucumbers (medium size, 9/10 slices)

– Fresh basil (4/5 leaves)

– Wild oregano

– Olives taggiasche (about 12)

– Cultivar Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil

– Salt to taste


Wash all ingredients thoroughly.

Cut the tomatoes into vertical slices and leave them rest. Sometimes tomatoes produce some the water, this should be thrown away. Cut the onion thinly, choose preferably a sweet onion, such as “Tropea Onion”.

Peel and cut the cucumbers, and cut the peppers into slices.

Cut by hand 4 or 5 basil leaves, strictly “ponentino” variety.

Put all the ingredients in a large bowl and season with good and abundant Taggiasca extra-virgin olive oil with the addition of a generous handful of oregano. All this should be left for a few minutes, after which a small amount of salt can be added.

The “Condiglione” is now only to be mixed, and served.


22 February 2019