– about 440 grams of soft wheat flour 00

– 25 gr of fresh brewer’s yeast (1 cube)

– 220 grams of warm water

– 40 gr of extra virgin olive oil + 3 tablespoons

– 1 pinch of sugar

– 7 g of sea salt (2 teaspoons)

– rosemary q.b

– coarse sea salt q.b.




Crumble the yeast in a bowl, pour the warm water and add a pinch of sugar; mix the ingredients. Incorporate 200gr of flour and mix well, before using the whisk to avoid lumps, then the wooden spoon; the consistency must be soft and creamy; cover with a cloth and let rise for 1 hour in a warm place and away from drafts.

Add the salt, about 200/220gr of flour and mix well, until the dough comes off the edge of the bowl.

Form a ball, and let it rise again for 1 hour, until it is doubled in volume; transfer the dough onto a pastry board and work it adding a little flour, until you reach the right consistency (be careful not to add too much: the dough should be firm, but soft and elastic); roll it out a little with the rolling pin and the hands, transfer it to the slightly greased pan;

let another hour rest in a warm place away from drafts.

Whisk in the glass 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil with 4/5 tablespoons of warm water (if you use a larger pan add one or two tablespoons of extra water, to prevent it from drying too much in cooking), with the fingertips make the characteristic holes of the focaccia;

pour the oil / water emulsion evenly over the entire surface, using a spoon and a brush (gently to avoid deflation), sprinkle with a little of coarse salt previously crushed in the mortar, sprinkle the finely chopped rosemary on the surface of the flat bread.

Bake at 220 degrees for about 25 minutes.

Cut into rectangles and serve as you like, either hot or warm or cold.



22 February 2019